In today’s gospel (Luke 9:51-56) we hear that Jesus “resolutely” journeyed to Jerusalem knowing the fate that awaited him.  We might marvel at how Jesus – in his humanity – could have accepted his fate with such resolve.  He had a mission to accomplish – one that called for the most selfless act in the history of the world and one that would include torture and a miserable death.  But we know that Jesus was resolute indeed and that he did not shy away from his mission.  So what enabled him to be so faithful to his calling?  I’d say it was his relationship with the Father.  Jesus was a man of prayer, a man whose number one priority was intimacy with his Father.  And this intimacy – and the trust and obedience that followed – enabled Jesus to accomplish his mission in a courageous and dignified manner.

It is the same for us.  While we might not be called to a martyr’s death, life certainly can throw us some curves.  Whether it’s dealing with serious health issues, financial crises, or even greater tragedies, it is through intimacy with God that we can get through.   If we allow God to live in us, and respond to his call for an always deepening relationship, we will more and more be able to place our trust and confidence in him most especially when we are faced with life’s difficulties.  All we need to do is keep ourselves open to God and let him fill us with his power and love.  Like Jesus, we can speak with God every day, and discern his will for us.  We will come to realize that no matter what life throws at us, God will be right there with us, walking with us and carrying us when we need his help.